Who Are You?

Providers of Drama Free I.T support in Bedford UK

NOT Bedford Computers in Bedford PA USA thats bedfordcomputers.net

NOT Bedford Computer Consultancy Corp They are in East Medow NY (and they have MASSIVE clients like British Airways) – they are bedfordcomputer.com (no s)

Not the Bedford Computers in Northampton (NHS are normally calling for this lot)

And last but not least we are not the Bedford Computers in Biddenham I have no idea who they are


What do you do?

Bedford Computers provide I.T  support to small(less than100 users)  business in and around the Bedford area 

We are looking for a support company

Bedford Computers are not actively seeking new clients at the moment.


Should you need to contact us please call 0771 910 4324 or email sales [at] bedfordcomputers.com

Domain Names & Hosting

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